ALIVIO ดุมดิสก์หลัง/ สีดำ / 36H/ มีกล่อง (Malay)

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รายละเอียดสินค้า ดุมดิสหลัง ALIVIO, FH-M4050, สีดำ, 32H, 36H, (มาเลเชีย) Shimano Alivio rear hub FH-M4050 Disc Center Lock Model 2015 Technical data: Series: Alivio 4000 Application: MTB Brake System: Disc Center Lock Mounting System: Standard Quick Release Mounting width: 135mm Material hub body: anodized aluminum, Axis material: steel Material freewheel: Steel Number of holes: 32, 36 hole Axle length: 146mm Axle diameter: 10mm Bolt circle diameter: 45mm left, 45mm right Flange: 53,8mm left, right 53,8mm Flange: 57,4mm Offset: 6.6mm Seal hub body: Labyrinth + contact Seal Freewheel: Contact Compatibility: 8/9/10 times Technology: Cup and Cone technology: Cup and Cone Storage Cone bearings offer greater strength than sealed cartridge bearing compact, since cone bearings can accommodate axial and radial loads more effectively and super smooth and last. Cone bearings also allow easier maintenance, adjustability and serviceability. features: - Long life thanks to dirt-repellent quality seal - Adjustable storage system - Two color options